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Glowgam brings the rainbow to your house

Glowgam transforms the ambiance of your house. These window covers bend light beautifully to create a colorful atmosphere anywhere you place them.

Stick them to any light surface to get that rainbow look. On the outside, they’ll obscure the vision of any unwanted attention.
Glowgam is not only practical, it’s also a wonderful window décor. No matter the season or weather the rooms will always be colorful.

What makes Glowgam so good

Turn light into a rainbow- Glowgam bends the light to create mesmerizing effects inside your home. The rooms will be covered by rainbows.

Transform any glass surface- Stick Glowgam to any window and see the transformation. The old windows become rainbow makers.
Keep a private and shaded home- Obscure the vision of strangers in a beautiful way. Block the unnecessary sunlight to keep it cool.
Why Glowgam is for you- This décorchanges the whole vibe of your home. Glowgam brings a fresh look on the inside while keeping your privacy in check.