Smart Kitchen Faucet

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Make your kitchen a smart kitchen with this new tech smart faucet
No mess with soap just a tap to on/off 
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Touch switch: When you tap the faucet, water will flow. a tap will turn it on/off。

Safety protect: When the water keeps flowing exceeding the setting time (time  refer to function option), the faucet will automatically shut off.

Integral touch: Operation is simple, with the handle in the “on” position ,  you can tap anywhere on the spout and base.

Split type: The controller box is separated from the faucet, so it is easily installed  and maintained.

Low power consumption: Battery operate, your faucet will run for up to 1 year  on 4 AA batteries.



Product Configuration:

The system consists of controller box and water-proof battery box.


Installation Requirements

1. The battery box shall be placed close the ground (it will be better if the box is  placed on the ground), and the battery wires shall be spread.

2. The faucet shall be electrically insulated from table and other pipeline, shall  be assembled plastic spacer gasket when installed on the metallic table.

3. Inlet hose and pull hose should be insulated.


Installation instructions

STEP 1: Install and fix the faucet. (see installation diagram )

STEP 2: Connect the controller box to the mixed water outlet and connect the  inlet and pull hose。

STEP 3: Turn on the triangle valve and connect waterway.

STEP 4: Connect the battery box.

STEP 5: It can work properly.


Operation Notice

“Tap” means that your fingers (palm or other parts) immediately move  away after touching the faucet. The time from the fingers touching to moving  away shall be no more than 300ms, or the tap will be invalid. The water will flow  out after one tap and turn off after one tap again. 

System parameters



The diagram of installation


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