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Your Cat’s Favorite Playmate

Kitcatch is the best toy you can surprise your cat with! Fun, durable and with a strong scent of catnip, Kitcatch is the only company a feline needs to stay entertained for hours!

The centre of gravity keeps the core stable so the ball can move around in different directions with ease. The result is an interactive ball moving as unpredictable as the pray it simulates!
You’ll see it go back and forth endlessly as your cat tries to push it around. Kitcatch intrigues and entertains every time to make playtime wild and fun for everyone involved!



Bigger pray than mice- Once your pet pushes the ball it won’t stop twisting and turning, creating the most intriguing pray your cat has ever seen!

Always on the hunt- Kitcatch gives your cat the playful attention it always wanted! Hunt throughout the day so the nights are quiet!
Awaken the instincts- The nimble ball keeps a scent of catnip, which entices your cat even more to chase it around as if the ball is a mouse!
Kitcatch is the ultimate choice- Thanks to its intuitive design, Kitcatch offers the most intriguing pray to play with so your cat never gets bored!


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