GoYiᵀᴹ Handheld Monopod Stabilizer with Hand Grip

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Capture great views and moments on the go with this great stabilizing monopod. Whether its underwater or on the snow under any condition you can use this stabilizing monopod in any environment. It comes with both phone holder and a cam holder that can be used at once and give you the freedom of holding both while stabilizing the pictures at same time. With its easy to use design you can hold the pod without making your arms tired. It comes with 4 mounts to hold Phone, Camera(GoPro Mount), Flasher or External Mount, 3.5mm External Camera connector at once

  • Lightweight handle with grip
  • Secret storage inside handle
  • Supports floating on water
  • One hand operation
  • Easy to hold in one hand
  • Comes with a strap to hold to your hand
  • Adjustable Screws
  • Can be used under water
  • Four Types of mounts
  • Highlighted handle color to easily spot underwater

Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery based on your location

Please note cameras or phones not included