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Enjoy The Peaceful Chimes Of The Orient

JingleBreez brings the orient’s magic with them! Tuned with gentle melodies, you can enjoy their soothing sounds when the wind starts blowing and their luminous lights at night!

The solar battery on top powers their vivid interchanging colors all throughout the night. You can keep them out in the rain and snow, they are perfectly protected from the weather.
Set a special mood on the porch, garden or balcony and enjoy the beautiful aesthetics JingleBreez creates! Bring peace to the outdoors around your home with JingleBreez!



Oriental Magic - Bring some eastern aesthetics to your porch, garden, or balcony to fill your atmosphere with oriental magic!

The sound of peace- Relax under the soothing melodies of JingleBreez and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere around the whispers of the wind!
Illuminate the night - When night falls JingleBreez light up in luminous colors to set the tone for a relaxing evening!
JingleBreez is the ultimate choice- Choose the chimes that bring the orient with them, enjoy beautiful melodies and luminous colors!