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The Perfect QR Scanner For All Your Devices

Equipped with the latest CMOS sensor, MicroScan can recognize 2D and 3D barcodes and transfer data on all of your devices to make the tedious work fast and convenient!

With a 3in1 connection design, flash memory, 8-hour operation time, three trigger modes and the comfiest grip for a palm, MicroScan’s quality and functionality are unrivalled for its price!
With MicroScan you can quickly scan barcodes from different angles, on screens and without tiring your wrist. Double your effectiveness to make your next inventory check-in a flash!



Flawless recognition - Pair it with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS, and enjoy three Bluetooth connections at once!

Saves you a lifetime - Instantly upload your scanned barcode and choose a convenient trigger mode to speed up the process!
Perfect for your palm - Designed for all-day comfort, MicroScan won’t tire your hands. Scanning all day won’t take a toll on you anymore!
MicroScan is the ultimate choice- Fast, convenient and most of all multifunctional, MicroScan is the best inventory checker on the market!


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