Reusable Foil Gas Stovetop Burner Protector

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Get rid of cleaning hassle on burners with this easy cover foil. You don't need to worry anymore whether your get messy with soup or your cooking you can easily remove this foil and wash and replace. This burner protector can be trimmed to fit different gas stove sizes by trimming the middle of the foil to fit your burner stove size. Can be used under the gas knobs as well. 

For cleaning remove the foil from the stove and just wash in hot soapy water using dish washing liquid and all dirt and oil will be removed. Once finished and dried place it under the stove for reuse. Its that simple!!!

  • Aluminium Material(CE/EU certified)
  • Max Tempurature: 260°C / 500F
  • Length: 27cm | Width 27cm
  • Silver Color
  • Package Includes 4pcs
  • Fits and adjustable to burner size
  • Less maintenance
  • Less Cleaning

Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery based on your location

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