Znap Tropz Light Heavy Duty Indestructible Rugged Shoes

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Product Details

Highly durable light weight sneaker that will protect your feet in most accidental incidents.

Anti penetration sole give the protection from any hard and sharp surfaces.

Specially designed sole to avoid slippery and provide a good grip in all terrains.


1. Breathable Material - Absorb moisture and sweat, provide airflow within the shoes to avoid odor.

2. Hardcore Shoe Head - Made of lightweight strong alloy to give the maximum protection from toe damages.

3. Kevlar Bottom - Multilayered sole is made to withstand any hard surface or any sharp objects to pierce through.

4. Convenient Shoe Lace - Easy lacing

5. Extreme Flexibility - Elastic and flexible materials help distribute weight evenly.

6. Twist - Can be twisted on any direction giving your feet natural postures while you walk, jump or stand.

7. Light Weight - Less than 400g per shoe with all above features will give you extra comfort.


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